Digital Design: All Spaces | Salem, New Jersey

Rendered room scenes designed to showcase annual flooring releases.

Mannington, a pioneer in fine flooring since its establishment in New Jersey in 1915, is among the world's leading manufacturers. For the past three years, we've had the privilege of being the exclusive design studio chosen by Mannington for their annual floor line releases. Collaborating closely with their CG team, we've meticulously crafted a diverse range of room scenes to showcase specific trends, themes, & materials, providing an inviting backdrop for each new flooring line. You may have seen these rendered room scenes on prominent retail platforms like Wayfair or across all of Mannington's media channels. You may have also noticed their stunning extra-wide engineered hardwood planks featured in our Casa Project, Boathouse Project, & Strawberry Project. This was our top flooring choice before partnering.