Strawberry Project

New Construction: Full home | mill valley, ca

A new build takes on a California Cool vibe with a extra dose of design intrigue.

Designed for a creative couple, their sole request was a "green" kitchen. Our mission: find the perfect hue & seamlessly incorporate it into an overall great room design. To do this, we introduced a large-scale fireplace as the focal point & harmonized the neighboring vibrant tone of their dream kitchen with neutral, natural finishes like white oak & roman clay repeats, uniting the spaces & fostering a relaxed & cohesive atmosphere throughout. The three bathrooms were designed to cater to each family member: a charming blue-themed space for a little girl, a simple black & white palette for the two young boys, & a spa-like experience in the primary bathroom with flowing picket braid tile, akin to a "cool river's current" as described by Fireclay tile.

Featured in Fireclay Tile. Photos by Brad Knipstein

After vs Before